Walker House Residences

The Walker House, historically known as the Judge William House, is a Federal style building constructed in 1804 and is located within the town of Lenox’s Historic District at 64 Walker Street.

Allegron has restored the building facade to its original design and character including the roof, eaves, siding, windows, architectural trim and doors,with upgrades to the heating, plumbing, electrical systems, interior accessibility and egress, and existing foundation and porch structure. The existing driveway and parking had been relocated, overgrown vegetation removed, and minor exterior adjustments were implemented to the rear of the building.

The exterior adjustments for the rear of the building involved the removal of the recently added, structurally unstable 2-bay garage, replacement of the porch windows at the southeast corner to provide the proper thermal envelope, and to partially close in the rear porch to accommodate appropriate unit square footages. Considering the holistic aesthetic character of the building, each of these adjustments to the rear provides several advantages to the restoration. By removing the garage, not only does this eliminate an unsafe structure, but it allows the Doric columns and railings at the rear to be more prominent. In conjunction with this improvement, partially closing in the rear porch allows for the exposure of the basement pier locations to further amplify the Doric columns above, as well as solve unsafe construction at the porch floor and roof. The replacement of the glazing at the southeast corner incorporates the same historic-style window found on the north (front), east, west, and south (rear) of the building while utilizing the appropriate glazing to solve thermal envelope issues. By incorporating all necessary improvements to the historic Walker House, the building can function safely as a residence and uphold its historic character and style.


Full website with floor plans and pricing available at walkerhouseresidences.com.