Beacon Cinema

An instrumental component to the revitalization of downtown Pittsfield, the Beacon Cinema project was completed by Allegrone Construction Company over one month ahead of schedule. The 75,000 sqare-foot renovation of North Street's Kresge-Kinnell building into six stadium-style theatres, restaurant, retail and office space, is the culmination of several years of planning, estimating, and value engineering by Allegrone. A unique high-profile construction project with both intense political oversight and the involvement of numerous funding agencies, Allegrone was recognized by the mayor and City of Pittsfield in a grand unveiling ceremony.

The project's scope included a complete interior structural demolition of the western half of the building leaving only the perimeter walls intact. The eastern half of the building required a major historical restoration and installation of a new four-stop elevator. Over 2,000 pieces of architectural terra cotta containing nearly 200 unique shapes, were removed, restored, and replaced by Allegrone's masons.