Project Execution

Allegrone Construction, Project Execution

While we strongly believe that early collaboration and planning yields the greatest opportunity for cost savings and ensures a seamless transition into the construction, we have the experience to provide a range of project procurement types. Understanding that every project is unique and every client has particular needs, we offer the commitment and accountability required to deliver on our promise with each and every project.

Whether hired as a construction manager during early planning or through a competitive bid process, we represent the highest and best interests of the owner at all times.

Construction Delivery Methods

  • General Contracting

    As a bonded General Contractor, we provide services on a lump sum bid basis taking on full responsibility for building per the design developed by the architect and/or design team. We guarantee the absolute most competitive pricing through our own self-performing work force and long time subcontractor relationships.
  • Construction Management

    As CM we provide a service that provides Owners with the highest level of control over their project. This collaborative "Team Approach" involves the CM early in the design phase, lending our skills and knowledge of construction methodologies, phasing, logistics, safety, alternative analysis, cost control and estimates, and master project scheduling. Applying the knowledge gained during pre-construction, we effectively manage, control and coordinate the construction phases according to the Owner’s project requirements.
  • Design – Build

    Utilizing both our in house design capabilities and partnering with independent design firms, we bring a single point of responsibility throughout the design and construction phases of the project. As the Design Build Contractor, we are responsible for the design, management, and construction of the entire project. Owners have often turned to Allegrone with this simplistic method to streamline services, providing opportunity for improved cost efficiency, innovative solutions and the ability to accelerate the project schedule.

Customized Service and Contract Methods

No matter what contract method serves the best interest of each individual client, Allegrone utilizes a collaborative and open book approach. We earn the trust of our clients and utilize constant communication and coordination to ensure that all stakeholders involved are well informed with no surprises.

Allegrone can provide a customized solution of construction and/or management services depending on the size, scope and special needs of each client. Our unique ability to effectively complete projects of various sizes allows our long-term clients to utilize our services exclusively. Our customized contract methods work in combination with traditional general contracting, time and material, fixed fee, and design-build services.

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