Breaking Ground at the Future Home of CATA

June 11, 2019


“This vision has always required space. Space where our artists can explore artforms and give voice to their unique perspectives. Space where our faculty can create projects that open new doors for discovery. Space where our staff can launch collaborations with partners—agencies, schools, and residences, plus museums, galleries, and theaters—to reach as many CATA artists as possible and to share their wondrous creativity with our entire community,”-  Margaret Keller, Executive Director of CATA


Over the past five years, CATA has expanded the number of artists served by 70 percent, tripled the number of students it is serving in special education programs in Berkshire County public schools and launched new partnerships with area agencies. “With all this growth, we began to bump up against the edges of the space we had rented for so many years. Quite frankly, we began to burst at the seams,” Keller said. Ninety percent of the workshops in the current CATA studio reached capacity, leaving little if any room for new CATA artists, and no space for artists who want to try new art forms.


After renting space for 26 years, the two-story, 6,400-square-foot facility will double CATA’s existing studio space. Formerly the Renaissance Arts Center, the building will undergo an extensive renovation to prepare for its new life as the CATA Arts Center. Architects Clark & Green are leading the design of the renovation and Allegrone is managing construction. Construction is slated to begin in July, with the building opening in early 2020.




For the full Berkshire Edge Article, follow the link to read more about Community Access to the Arts breaks ground for new facility

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