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Mild winter gives repair work on Veterans War Memorial tower an early start

mt greylock

The mild winter has yielded to an early spring, and opened a possibility that work could begin on the Veterans War Memorial tower at the summit of Mount Greylock earlier than expected.


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Read More Date: Apr 7, 2016 Posted in: News Press Blog Local News Architecture/Design Tags: mt greylock

Restoration of the Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower

mt greylock

Generations of care and restoration have kept this beloved landmark from deteriorating due to the test of time.  This year, the torch has been passed down to Allegrone Companies to complete the masonry and structural repairs.


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Read More Date: Feb 26, 2016 Posted in: News Blog Local News Architecture/Design Tags: mt greylock

Industry Connect: Abin Design Studio Constructs Pavilion of Canopies for Indian Cultural FestivalConnect


This captivatingly beautiful pavilion of canopies was designed by India based Abin Design Studio. The structure was constructed for a religious festival in West Kolkata and the design represents the celebration of tribal life and the symbiotic relationship between the community and the forest.


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Read More Date: Jan 26, 2016 Posted in: News Blog Market News Architecture/Design Tags: industry

Pioneer Valley Performing Art Charter School's New Addition


Pioneer Valley Performing Arts in Western Massachusetts,  one of the oldest charter schools in the region, has recieved a new 7,500 sq ft addition. The space includes a lobby, storage room, and a multipurpose room performance space with a 7 –level platform seating area and a performance stage. 


Click read more below for more images of our newly completed project. 

Industry Connect: Guardrails with Inbuilt Noise- Barriers


Anyone living near high traffic roads can say they are quite familiar with the bustling sounds of cars.  SINTEF Scientists Dirk Nolte (left) and Nguyen Hieu Hoang (right), explored the use of aluminum noise-barriers as a solution to reducing traffic noise with a material that is strong enough to absorb collision.


For more information on the study click read more down below. 

Read More Date: Jan 20, 2016 Posted in: News Blog Links Architecture/Design Tags: industry, innovation

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