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Chesterwood Studio Restoration Update

Making the front page of Sunday's paper, the historic Chesterwood restoration nears completion.


See Allegrone's project page for more information about the famous sculpor and the restoration of his historic property:


Save the Date - Chesterwood Gala May 23, 2014.  Stay connected with the National Trust's website for details and come see the restored Studio:

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Continuity: Architecture and Engineering


Allowing architecture and engineering to equally participate in the outcome of a buildings function and aesthetics is something worth reading about!  Many projects today have these two disciplines separated, but when they merge a project has the potential of developing into something really spectacular.  Zaha Hadid, a world-renowned architect, designed this high-rise in Miami so that the structure creates the aesthetics.

See how one of our own designers, Anthony Allegrone, explores this realm of architecture and engineering in his own thesis development by clicking read more below.

Old Berkshire Athenaeum Project in the News

The historic Old Berkshire Athenaeum building, currently being restored by Allegrone, seeks to hold onto its past while embracing its future.

The Historical Commission is hoping a photo taken in 1886 of the historic building can be located and turned into a wall-sized mural to be hung inside the main entrance of the restored building.


View of the skylight, above, has been hidden for years.  Photo by Ben Garver, Berkshire Eagle.

Read Berkshire Eagle article, including details of the restoration being completed by Allegrone, here:

Read More Date: Apr 2, 2014 Posted in: Press Work in progress Tags: old berkshire athenaeum

Interior Design: The Right Angles

Ever wonder why walls and ceilings are so rigid?  This architect doesn't think they have to be and takes an approach to interior design that causes a whole new spatial feeling.

Angled Wall Interior

Read More Date: Mar 28, 2014 Posted in: Architecture/Design

Restoration Underway in Pittsfield’s Park Square


Restoration of the front façade of the historic Athenaeum in Pittsfield’s Park Square has officially started. The east gable wall stones have been carefully labeled, mapped, and documented prior to demolition. 

Read More Date: Feb 20, 2014 Posted in: News Blog Work in progress Tags: old berkshire athenaeum

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